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Business idea

Vadero Ship Management Incorporated is a company focused on supplying high performance ship management services to its customers and own organisation. The company aims in having strong foundations for all different parts of service offered and we can adjust our management easily to any needs from customers.


Company care of the environment


The company has during the years always acted with care of the environment in mind, in several cases we have on top of requirements upgraded equipment and procedures to our own standard, showing even better care of the environment. In earlier new-building projects as well in ongoing ones, environmental friendly class notations are a part of the vessels standard.


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Company Investments

Although our focus is on shipping and serving our customers at our best, we are also seeking new markets and possible business in many different areas. In addition to the mentioned services offered under business idea, we are looking forward to receive any other proposal you may have.

The world wide geographical spread of the organisation is used when looking into investments and viewing markets – using our skills and experience will quickly get you to the desired position within the industry.

If your company is interested in our business or if you feel that we may assist you in any project of yours, you are most welcome to make contact with our management.


The company

Vadero Ship Management represents an organisation that controls ship owing companies and ship technical managing companies. The fleet is the result of phasing out of older quality tonnage and replacement of new built vessels.
Today, the organisation meets the marine industry's demand for quality tonnage and the use of advanced technology in the vessels' operation.

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