Company care of the environment


The company has during the years always acted with care of the environment in mind, in several cases we have on top of requirements upgraded equipment and procedures to our own standard, showing even better care of the environment. In earlier new-building projects as well in ongoing ones, environmental friendly class notations are a part of the vessels standard.


Our vessels trade only with low sulphur bunker oils having international air pollution prevention certificates and we are using environmental friendly fuel saving additives in the fleet.


We also try to make a environmental difference in other markets; amongst others we, as project partners, are involving ourselves in bio fuel district heating in Sweden, a growing market with very low impact on the environment.

The organization is also looking into several environmental friendly projects with focus on the Asian region.

In order to meet future requirements, both on- and off-shore, we are interested in finding new methods, procedures and equipment that will have a beneficial impact on the environment while also meeting our own standards of performance.

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